7 Nov 2017

Hypowebsis method for solving the Rubik's cube

A method to solve the 3x3 Rubik's cube with the less algorithms, less types of moves, or easy to remember multiple executions of the same algorithms. The important algorithms are in red. Steps 2 and 4 solve the 2x2 cube.

14 Dec 2013

World Metros, Subways and Undergrounds

What are the oldest, most crowded, or expensive: Subways, Metros or Undergrounds in the world? The first Underground passenger transport system was

27 Oct 2013

Vowels and consonants in different languages

Learning a language requires different facets to be mastered: the alphabet, the grammar, the vocabulary, and the

20 Oct 2013

European railway and motorway infrastructure

The investment in railway and motorway infrastructure, as well as their extension, varies across the EU. Graphical information for some European countries is presented here. The data is shown in different ways to answer